Monday, 25 April 2011

She Entwined

I am a huge Audrey Kawasaki fan, and as a special present for my birthday/first year anniversary, I received a limited edition print from her on line store - thanks again honey! 

I'm sure Audrey needs no introduction as she has become a fave with the Melbourne locals, especially those familiar with Outre Gallery. Her prints always sell out at lightening speed and there are waiting lists to join for when a new print becomes available. So I am totally chuffed to have one of my very own. 

It arrived a couple of weeks ago and have been looking on line for a framing place that will do this magnificent piece justice. Add to the 'to do list'...

Also on the 'to do list' new collection is coming together nicely and I am really happy with the results of all our hard work.

Our party plan will be in full force after the Easter break, and I can't wait to get out there. Keep posted for more news in the coming week.