Sunday, 27 February 2011

Off The Peg

We braved the rain and wind today and headed down to Mathilda's Market at the Hawthorn Town Hall to see other creative peeps and their wares.

One in particular is my good friend Ebony, who is the owner/designer of 'Off the Peg': 

I have known Ebony for many years and she is one very talented lady. She not only designs but makes all of her own product. That is a huge undertaking in any ones books! 
We both share the same creative passions and visions for our respective businesses - and it is great to see it moving along in such leaps and bounds.

I purchased two soft toys as gifts for upcoming birthdays - but I think that they have made a home with us...and who's complaining! 

So do yourself a favor as Molly would say and check out Eb's website!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Enchanted Garden

I received the edited photos from our Summer 11 photo shoot in the mail this evening. Matt has done such a great job - I am really happy with the results. He managed to make the most of the diminishing light, and set the garments against the most complimentary settings.

Bianca, Jasmin, Mia and Scout will have some lovely pics to look back on...and hopefully some fond memories too.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Launch Time

After many nights of preparation and planning our Coco Moloko launch went off without a hitch!

To those of you who came to show your support, again a huge thank you.

A massive thank you, to my sister - the event planner extraordinaire - for her hard work and dedication to ensuring that every detail was right - 'that table cloth is still not straight Nadia'.... and also my Mum - who baked, shopped and added finishing touches to make sure everything was covered. Even though her catch phrase of 'enjoy a smoko with your coco moloko' was never to see the light of day, not quite wanting to associate smoking with my childrens label - thanks mum.....- she always makes me laugh and is always there to lend a hand.

Having worked as a clothing designer for over 10 years (where does the time go), I have always wanted to start my own label, and in a sense be the creator of my own destiny, well working life at least!

After much encouragement from friends, believe me, they planted many a seed - I decided to bite the bullet, get on with it and see where it would lead.

So this is the beginning - my first collection Summer 11.

Winter is already in the pipeline and looking forward to seeing the designs come to life...