Sunday, 27 February 2011

Off The Peg

We braved the rain and wind today and headed down to Mathilda's Market at the Hawthorn Town Hall to see other creative peeps and their wares.

One in particular is my good friend Ebony, who is the owner/designer of 'Off the Peg': 

I have known Ebony for many years and she is one very talented lady. She not only designs but makes all of her own product. That is a huge undertaking in any ones books! 
We both share the same creative passions and visions for our respective businesses - and it is great to see it moving along in such leaps and bounds.

I purchased two soft toys as gifts for upcoming birthdays - but I think that they have made a home with us...and who's complaining! 

So do yourself a favor as Molly would say and check out Eb's website!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Molly, oops I mean Nadia! :)
    And thanks for stopping by on Sunday.