Sunday, 20 February 2011

Launch Time

After many nights of preparation and planning our Coco Moloko launch went off without a hitch!

To those of you who came to show your support, again a huge thank you.

A massive thank you, to my sister - the event planner extraordinaire - for her hard work and dedication to ensuring that every detail was right - 'that table cloth is still not straight Nadia'.... and also my Mum - who baked, shopped and added finishing touches to make sure everything was covered. Even though her catch phrase of 'enjoy a smoko with your coco moloko' was never to see the light of day, not quite wanting to associate smoking with my childrens label - thanks mum.....- she always makes me laugh and is always there to lend a hand.

Having worked as a clothing designer for over 10 years (where does the time go), I have always wanted to start my own label, and in a sense be the creator of my own destiny, well working life at least!

After much encouragement from friends, believe me, they planted many a seed - I decided to bite the bullet, get on with it and see where it would lead.

So this is the beginning - my first collection Summer 11.

Winter is already in the pipeline and looking forward to seeing the designs come to life...


  1. Congratulations Nadia! It was a great night and your designs are just beautiful. Can't wait to see the next range xx

  2. Finally using your amazing talent for your own business creations . Onwards and upwards.
    Thanks for a fabulous Launch night and congratulations once again lovely xx